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Practical and environmental protection is still the mainstream of the 2023 sanitary market

By:Guangdong Senchn Kitchen & Bathroom Technology Co., LTD
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In 2023, the new products in the sanitary industry have taken turns, and all kinds of sanitary products are full of our eyes. It also indicates the new trend of the market demand for the sanitary industry this year and even in the future. The release of these new products has also injected new vitality into the development of the Weiqi industry.
Practical and environmental protection is still the mainstream of the market

Bathroom space is usually small, practical and aesthetic is still the mainstream direction consumers consider when purchasing sanitary products. Because of its small space, it is necessary to condense all the basic functions and features together, and try to make limited space. It looks bigger and more moving.
In addition to practicality, we have also seen a new trend from some exhibitions. Many sanitary ware brands have begun to introduce products with no dead ends, better cleaning products and small “wash basin toilet integrated” sanitary wares. The reduction in the utilization rate of the bathroom "water" can also turn waste into treasure, allowing the "waste water" to exert waste heat. The development of social main trends requires that all industries and industries should put low-carbon environmental protection at a more important position while designing and applying products. The sanitary industry is no exception.
Bathroom companies are beginning to focus on brand development

At present, in the sanitary industry of China, in addition to the international brands in the high-end market, there are more than 3,000 local brands, of which 50-100 are larger. Others are small and medium-sized enterprises. Although there are many domestic sanitary ware brands, there is no market. A company accounts for 10% of the market, and the marketing monopoly effect of big brands has not yet formed. The brand awareness of small and medium-sized sanitary ware enterprises began to strengthen, paying attention to brand promotion. Bathroom companies are beginning to focus on branding.

For a long time, the advantages of Chinese sanitary ware enterprises have been concentrated in the market of middle and low-end products. China has become a huge producer and consumer of sanitary equipment in the world, but foreign brands have almost swept the high-end sanitary ware market in China and adopted various measures to seize them. Mid-range product market share.